What is an ISV?

 ISV is an acronym for Independent Software Vendor.  ISVs produce software applications for particular industries.

What are supported ISV applications?

Other ISVs do not offer workstation certification programs for their software. Instead they are providing system requirements for workstation configurations to run their demanding software applications effectively.

What are ISV Certifications?

Some ISVs test computer hardware to ensure:

  • Software and hardware compatibility
  • Stable and reliable operation
  • Highest level of support can be provided
  • Optimal system performance for a quality user experience

Differences in ISV certifications:

  • Some ISVs only certify graphics cards
  • Other ISVs certify complete system configurations including processor, graphics, and operating system

Please note that some ISVs do not certify hardware


As the graphics card and the corresponding driver play an important role, please refer to Nvidia certified driver website to download the latest certified driver as well as ISV tested applications.