Our Brand

We have "Hinum" brand under HLBS

We offer world class and superlative in technology & architecture in sorority with Intel & AMD. The Hinum series range brings you the most advance technology with extensive and all embracing architecture. By continuously introducing new micro-architectures, Hinum is creating great leaps in Energy Efficient Performance that enable new form factor at home, in the office and on the go. 

Why choose HLBS Hinum PC?

Following are the prominent features in Hinum series of computers

Build to provide business value with core productivity and reliability.
Designed to secure manageable, reliable and productive.
Provides performance security and management flexibility with reliability and energy efficiency.
Easy management & long life cycles.
Advanced configuration services - Pre - Install options like system image at the factory and save time on initial setup. Direct visual lights - Monitors system status and alerts you to issues.
Long lifecycles - Hinum CM desktops have a lifecycle target for over 5 years, Hinum CM mainstream products have meet this goal.
Energy-Efficient Design - Hinum CM desktop are among the most eco-friendly business desktops available worldwide, with power management features to help you consume less energy and save on IT costs.
Energy Star 5.0 compliant - Hinum CM desktops use the most efficient power supplies.
ROHS Compliant - Hinum CM desktops are ROHS compliant. This is Hinum CM Desktops are eco-friendly in all regards.
Super Cool Technology - Innovative chassis design helps reduce heat, noise and overall wear & tear.

Hinum Power Green Technology

"Enviromentally responsible"

Enviromental Sustainability is important to us at Hinum. One of the best ways we can make a positive impact on the environment is to help our clients PC, Server and Peripherals - by offering products that consume less electricity. To that end, Hinum provides eco-friendly hard drives with PowerGreen technology for Hinum series computers.

My Hinum Backup Plan

"Protect your precious memories and important files"

The most important things to protect are files you create yourself. Whether they are text documents, e-mail messages, pictures, music, videos, or saved games. If you made them you want to save them and keep them nearby. It's also helpful to backup the configuration settings for any program you use, along with critical backup windows data such as registry. Using Hinum backup plan, you are not even securing your data, also you are taking you experience of using desktop computers on an extent of trust.