Our Core Team

Board of Directors

Mr. Mitesh Kumar Lokwani
Managing Director

Mr. Mitesh K. Lokwani, Managing Director of HLBS TECH (P) LTD, incorporated the company in 2004, December with the aim of developing a manufacturing unit of IT Products in INDIA. He has visited CHINA in 2004 and done a deep study of the working of factories there. He found that CHINA manufactures a wide range of IT products & supply them in different parts of the world and makes huge profits. He got inspired by watching the way by which CHINA is making economic development at a rapid pace by developing and supplying the IT Products at the best possible prices. Then, he  decided to develop various kind of IT Products in INDIA itself , in order to contribute in the economic development of INDIA and to provide employment-opportunity to the highly skilled INDIAN citizens in INDIA itself with a view to avoid their migration from our country to any other country in the search a employment. He has decided to utilize the resources of INDIA for the development of INDIA only and thus established HLBS TECH (P) LTD. as a small scale company with over 50 employees comprising of marketing personnel, sales personnel, service personnel, HR personnel, operations personnel & Admin personnel. HLBS TECH (P) LTD. has made growth at a very rapid pace. It took only four years to get a place in DGS&D, MPLUN, MPCCF, NCCF, MAIT etc. whereas other leading companies takes years to get registered with the same. HLBS Brand has its Computers & KIOSK registered on DGS&D. HLBS is performing well and it will have a bright future as well. He has received Indian Achiever’s award in IT


Mr. Narendra Lokwani

Ex-President (BITOAA)
With over 11 years of experience in IT, Mr. Narendra Lokwani is playing a leading role in HLBS TECH (P) LTD. His areas of responsibilities comprise management of design, development, implementation and support of IT products for clients in INDIA.


Mr. Bihari Lal Lokwani

Mr. Bihari Lal is the Co-founder of HLBS TECH (P) LTD.As the co-founder of the company. He was instrumental in the development of the company. He plays a very essential role in strategic decisions of the company. Mr. Bihari Lal holds the Diploma in CIVIL


Mrs. Meeta Talreja

Mrs. Meeta Talreja is the Co-Founder of HLBS TECH (P) LTD. She holds the key responsibility of providing regular consultation and supervision in the business activities of the company. She holds a prominent position in the Board Members of HLBS. Mrs. Meeta Talreja holds the Master’s Degree in Arts & Post graduate Degree in Computer Applications.